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 $18-24/hr, $55 Daily Per Diem,OT, Hotel , 7/12's: Laborers Needed ASAP-Out of town projects-TX.
 $21-26/hr, $75 Daily Per Diem, Housing, 7/12's: Refinery Cleanup Crews Needed ASAP in Louisiana.
$125/day per diem, Laborers Needed ASAP in Oklahoma: Work Starts 9/1.
$18/hr, 90 Days, 7/12's: 40+ General Laborers (Clean Crew Personnel) Needed in Texas.
Floorhands, Derrickmen, Drillers and Pump Operators Needed ASAP in Louisiana.
Per Diem, OT, Competative Pay: Hiring Tower Mechanics and Welders for an upcomig Turnaround-Texas.
Per Diem, OT, Weekly Pay: Welders and Holewatch/Firewatch Needed in Louisiana-(10 hr shifts-7 days/w).
$34/ hr: Shop Welders and Fitters Needed in Louisiana.