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Per Diem, OT, Competative Pay: Hiring Tower Mechanics and Welders for an upcomig Turnaround-Texas.


Gallop is Hiring Tower Mechanics and Welders for September/October Turnaround.
Jobs Details:
-Location: Sweeny, Texas.
-Competative pay.
-Per Diem Provided.
-6 Weeks Turnaround.
-TWIC Card
-DISA Background
-Pass Hair Follicle Drug Test
Application Info:
All applicants must apply in person at Gallop's personnel office at  
Phone:    281.449.1051
Job Source:

Gallop Company HR FB Post
For over 40 years, GALLOP has been a leader in the field of vessel fabrication and tower field service in the Houston, TX area, the Gulf Coast region, and other parts of the world. Call us today to discuss your fabrication or turnaround needs.
Gallop has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years and is always looking for skilled craftsmen and experienced personnel.

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