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Boilermakers, Firewatchs, Riggers, Crane Operators Needed For Turnaround Starting Mid January in Baytown, TX.


According to a recent post on FB group 'Turnaround Jobs', Optimal Field Services is looking for Boilermakers, Advanced Riggers, Crane Operators and Firewatchs for work in Baytwon, TX.
Work in Baytwon, TX.
Starting Mid January.
Schedule: 7/12's
•4 Weeks duration.
•No per diem
Send Resume to
Optimal Field Services:
•Optimal Field Services is a highly skilled Industrial Contractor stemming out of the Gulf Coast region with a foundation set on Quality and Safety. 
Powerful. Productive. Proven — With over 400 years of combined experience and an impressive record of success, we are a highly skilled industrial contractor based in the Gulf Coast region. Our strong foundation in quality and safety ensures our customers’ projects are completed safely, ahead of schedule and under budget. We specialize in capital projects, specialty welding, catalyst handling, turnaround services and project management. Optimal Field Services is a proud part of the Crest Industries family of companies.
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