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Onpoint is Hiring General Laborers/Safety Attendants in Houston and Surrounding Areas.($15/hr, 7/12s).


"Onpoint’s hiring office in Deer Park is open this week!! Everyday from 9-3pm. Please already have an application in for a general labor or safety attendant" Danielle Gillie posted on FB group 'Turnaround Jobs' and other groups,  we confirmed via Onpoint website that they are hiring for general labor or safety attendant position in Houston and Surrounding Areas.
Jobs Details:
Location: Houston,TX and Surrounding Areas.
$15.00 Hourly+ OT
Must be willing and able to work extended hours (up to 12 hour shifts, 7 days per week)
Application Info:
•Submit resume to 
Deer Park Hiring office:
906 West 13th St Deer Park, TX 77536
■About Work:
 General Laborers to perform general facility maintenance duties within a refinery or petrochemical facility. These duties include, but are not limited to: General clean up/trash pick-up and disposal; water distribution within the facility; unit clean-up and removal of waste; and cooling tower clean-up. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.
Onpoint :
Onpoint is the leading provider of turnaround management, project controls personnel, safety services, personnel transportation & logistics.
■Please note: 
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