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Immediate Hire for Dozens of Pipefitters and Pipewelders: Shutdown starts Jan 11 in Louisiana.


B&D Contracting, Inc. recently shared on their Facebook page that they have Immediate Hire for 1st Class Pipefitters and 1st Class Pipewelders! on a shutdown in Louisiana.
They also hiring 15 Shipfitters & 6 Welders.
Jobs Details:
Location:Grammercy , Louisiana
■Free housing
■Day&Night shifts.
on a 7 day shutdown.
All welding is stick welding. Experience and good work ethic is a must.
Candidates will be processed by Friday, January 8, 2021 to begin work on Monday, January 11, 2021. 
Application Info:
-Call 504-407-3383 to apply and for more information.
B&D Contracting, Inc.:
B&D Contracting, Inc waas founded in 1997 and has four branch offices in Houma, Louisiana; Harvey, Louisiana; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Pascagoula, Mississippi. 
Our recruiting efforts extend throughout the continental United States and we are continually building our database of skilled and professional workers.  B&D Contracting provides a great opportunity for businesses to screen employees with virtually no risk to the business. 
We will find and carry the contract labor on our payroll and insurance for a specified period of time.  Companies that use contract labor have relieved themselves of finding the right employee for the job and the complications that termination can present. B&D Contracting would like to help your business do the same.
■Please note: 
We are not a hiring agency, we just try to research and put together the companies that are currently hiring. Kindly don't comment with your contacts on our site or FB posts to maintain your privacy. There is no point in sending us your CV.
■Job source:
B&D Contracting, Inc. Facebook.