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$28-$42.5/hr+OT & Housing: Dozens of Floors, Motors, Derricks, Drillers Needed in OK, WY, ND, UT.


Dylan Hulse a representative from Cyclone Drilling Inc posted on ' Drilling Rig Hands Only' FB group that Cyclone is hiring Rig Positions (Includes Floors, Motor, Derrick, Relif Rig Position (Includes Floors, Motors, Derricks, Drillers, Relief Drillers) in wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and North dakota.
We confirmed via Cyclone Drilling website careers page that they are hiring for these positions.
Details from their job description:
-Floorhand: $28/hr
-Motorhand: $28/hr
-Derrickhand: $33/hr
-Relief Drillers: $34/hr
-Drillers: $42.5/hr
-Saftey paid as an extra 0.5 hour per day.
-Work sechulde is 12 hours per day. 
-Work 2 weeks on /2 weeks off.
-Invert is paid as $20 - $40 hr per day depending on operator.
-Housing is Provided.
-These opportunities from Cyclone Drilling are available wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, and North dakota.
How to apply: 
Apply to these position via the link below: 
About Cyclone Drilling, Inc:
Cyclone Drilling Inc is an Oil and Gas Drilling Contractor in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Specializing in horizontal/directional drilling as well as custom cutting edge rig solutions to large oil and gas companies.
Cyclone Drilling, Inc. a rocky mountain drilling contractor that has a reputation of success, no matter what the underlying challenges or complexities of the drilling project present.