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Drillers, Derrickhands, Motors Immediately Needed in OK: Housing, 7&7 w/12hr Shifts.


Shane Bonds, a representative from United Energy Drilling posted on Real Oilfield Jobs FB group indicating that United Energy Drilling is hiring for the following positions:
Drillers, Derricks, Motors to work in OK.
Details from their job description:
-Drillers: $29.50 Hourly 
-Derricks: $25.00 Hourly 
-Motors: 23.50 Hourly 
-Positions starting immediately 
-There is a $2.00 Hourly raise after 90 days of employment! 
-12 Hour Shifts 6am to 6pm or 6pm to 6am 
-7 Days on / 7 Days off 
-All work is in Oklahoma.
How to apply: 
-Please apply @ 
-Call our office @405-482-0080
United Energy Drilling:
-United Energy Drilling, Inc is an oil and gas drilling contractor located in central Oklahoma.