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$25/hr, $75 Perdiem: 50 Laborers Needed for Refinery Work in CA. Hotel, Airfare, Transportation Paid.

"2nd Nature Safety Houston" posted yesterday on their page on FB that they are hiring 
50 workers for the California Oil spill.
Location: California.
Pay is $25 a hour and $75 a day per diem. 
Hotel, Airfare and transportation to job site is covered.
Current HAZWOPER 40 required 
Background does not matter
Application Info:
 If you have a current HAZWOPER and ready to work please text “HAZWOPER” to 855- 960-3085
If you do not have HAZWOPER 40 and still interested please text “JOBS” to 855-960-3085.
A2nd Nature Safety Houston:
We Specialize in Oil and Gas training for consumers with disabilities ,learning disorders, new beginners, and veterans in the industry.